Hello Baby at Beads Bali

I shot this video of Athina yesterday (uploaded to GoogleVideo):

That’s right — we have a new addition to the family.

If you’re having problems with the video player above, you can download the clips.

Click here for the Windows Media file:


Or the MPG here:


Both files are around 4 megs.


February New Products

Shell and Mother of Pearls are still our popular products, they look very nice mound together with silver, more new shell designs and shape are dominate this February new products, we believe you like it.

p-018 p-020 p-022

Also, we add 2 new category Silver Toe Ring and Ankle Bracelets, simple but nicely done.

sfr-002 sla-001



Looking forward to 2008

bbfron copy

We had a wonderful year last year, thank you very much, but now’s the time to focus on the new year…

…we’ve started with a very slight re-design of our website.

First thing you’ll notice is that we’ve reorganised our products and info pages into a handy drop down menu that you’ll find at the top of every page.

Secondly and possibly more importantly, we’ve changed the way our shopping cart works — now when you hit “continue shopping”, you’ll find yourself returning to the page you’ve just left… no more banging the keyboard in anger because you’ve been dumped back at the main page.

Thirdly, we’ve added a search facility — you can search by description, code or product type — one example would be a search for “black shell” (you don’t need to type the quote marks when you’re searching) will return every earring, necklace, pendant with black shell. Click here to see an example.

Hope you enjoy the improvements.

The next step will be new products — we’re expecting to add a hundred or so new items to the catalogue over the next week — don’t miss them.



USA Sweet November: New Products

We have over three hundred new products going into our catalogue this week.

One of our favourite new additions is the spider web shell motif:

Amazing, aren’t they? Check them out at:

Silver Jewelry Collection Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets and Rings.

But don’t forget the other new silverwork — beautiful rings, earrings and bracelets — as always, 100% handmade here in Bali:

And, finally, a completely new category: Fashion accesories book mark and jewellery dangle for cellphone, jeans or bag.



Beads-Bali New Products

Our new products for this August hopefully will make you smile, specially for you silver and gemstone fans.

Many choice of Pendants and Bracelets with gemstone from Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot, Quartz, Topaz, Black Onyx, Turquoise and Moonstone.

We have little difficulty to pick couple of them to put here, they all lovely.

Have a look this pendants design :

and these bracelets :

even just solid silver, they looks pretty, don’t they?

And…the dreamy face are back, they looks more beautiful with gemstone :

Please visit our New Products.

Also check our “Ready Stock Category”next day delivery service, meaning today you make the order, we’ll ship tomorrow.