Summer new products from Beads-Bali

June is always an exciting month, personal things we had birthday and anniversary.

Business things, busy…busy…, summer purchase — thank you very much.

It’s been a pleasure, and of course we can not forget to put new products online.

Here they are, more fashion accessories necklaces and more beautiful silver jewelry. Enjoy!

Love the silver earring, love it!

and the silver pendants?…They are stunning.

and silver Rings for Men…

dont forget to let us know the size of Ring when you order….

Wait…more fashion accessories necklace, don’t miss it!

Now, we’re done… time to go out and enjoy the Sun!

Have a nice day!


Athina & Sean

April Update from Beads-Bali

April update from Beads-Bali.

New design of Silver Jewelry and Fashion Accessories.

Yo will find all new product here : Beads-Bali New Product

Sterling Silver Jewelry .925 with Turquoise, Amethyst, Shell, Fresh Water Pearls, Red Coral, etc

Silver Jewellery Earring Silver Jewellry Bracelets Silver Jewellery Pendants

Fashion Accessories Necklaces, Bracelets, Key chain and wooden earrings.

Fashion Accesories Neklaces from Beads-Bali Fashion Accesories Neklaces from Beads-Bali Fashion Accesories Bracelets Keychain from Beads-Bali Wooden Earring from Beads-Bali


Athina — Beads-Bali

February New Products from Beads Bali

What new in February at Beads-Bali?

Yes, New addition of Wood Necklaces is now ready for you, also dont miss the new Wooden Bracelets and Belts

Wood Necklaces from Beads-Bali Wood Bracelets from Beads-Bali Belts from Beads-Bali

We also add new collection of Silver Rings, Silver Pendants and Silver Earrings.

Silver Rings from Beads-Bali Silver Pendants from Beads-Bali Silver Earrings from Beads-Bali

All our Silver Jewelery are handmade from 9.25 sterling silver combine with many choice of gemstone — it’s mean if you like one of the collection and wanna combine it with other stone as you like — you are welcome.

Last but not least — dont forget to visit our new product line:

Key Chain collection made from Leather, Glass Beads, Resin Beads, and many more.

Key Chain from Beads-Bali Key Chain from Beads-Bali more design caming up this week, so dont miss it!


Athina & Sean (Beads-Bali)

New Year — New Collection from Beads-Bali

Happy New Year and thank you very much

2006 was very busy year for us.

And we want to take a deep breath and say to all of our customers, have a happy, healthy and profitable new year.

On our side, we’ve spent the first couple of weeks of the new year putting together collections that we believe will knock your socks off.

Firstly, we’ve added some combination silver and stone to our collections.

As always, everything you’ll see is handmade here in Bali using only the best natural materials.

Take a look at:

Silver Bracelets from Beads-Bali Silver Brooch from Beads-Bali Silver Earrings from Beads-Bali

Silver Bracelets Silver Broochs Silver Earrings

Silver Pendants from Beads-Bali Silver Rings from Beads-Bali

Silver Pendants Silver Rings

Also, away from precious metals, we hope you’ll enjoy our new Fashion Jewelry Collection

Fashion Jewelry -- Bracelets from Beads-Bali Fashion Jewelry -- Wood Neklaces from Beads-Bali

Bracelets Wood Necklaces

And, finally, a taste of things to come — here are a few images of our upcoming new line of Piercing Products and more Wood Necklaces — send us an email and we’ll make sure you get a letter when this category goes live.



Athina & Sean (Beads-Bali)

New Silver Pendants Online at

Silver Pendants Hand Made in Bali from Beads Bali We’ve just uploaded about 50 new hand made, .925 sterling Silver Pendants — that’s silver with shell, mother of pearl, turquoise, gemstones.

We love these pieces — from the very simple to the magnificent, we’re sure you’ll also like them.

Go to:


Athina & Sean